Are you tired of constantly being stressed out – from aiming for that promotion at work to trying to fit in another happy hour to making movie night with your boyfriend? Of course, you love all those things, but somehow they’re starting to burden your soul, and you’re wondering if you should just shut yourself away with take-out and Netflix.
I know you orchestrated your life to be full of adventure, where you never know what’s around the next corner, but you didn’t count on needing down time – a place where you can sit at a cafe with a cup of tea, some knitting needles, and some great company. You want a genuine connection with someone who also loves to explore – but maybe today you could just take it easy…
I’m Kristin, and I’ve created a sanctuary where you can relax, stop worrying about your life for a few minutes, and focus on being mindful and present – and you’ll grow your wardrobe with fun, stylish pieces at the same time.
You can knit your cares away while making friends and pampering yourself.
I design modern, smart knitting patterns for the advanced beginner. Once each quarter, you can vote on your favorite design, and I’ll host a course so you’re actively part of a knitting group – you can follow along with my clear and easy to understand video instructions or you can follow along with the pattern on your own.
In between courses, I’m active in my online community – I offer support, not just for your knitting, but for you to regain control of your life again, whether that’s through cups of tea, morning meditations, bubble baths, or sunbathing on a beach somewhere.
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