Feminine and Flattering Knitwear Patterns for Modern Women

Are you tired of sorting through page after page of patterns on Ravelry or Pinterest, hoping to find that perfect cardigan that will match half of your wardrobe AND have clear and easy instructions for you to knit?

Of course shopping for patterns is half the fun, but wouldn’t it be nice to shop for patterns that already fit your style and your skill level?

You love your life, you love adventure, and you love showing off your latest handknit makes. Browse through my patterns and find your new favorite sweater!

For those ladies always on the go!

You orchestrated your life so that you’re always moving and you never know what’s around the next corner – that leaves hardly any time for knitting!

Don’t worry, you can still rep your love of knitting by grabbing the We All Knit Here cat on everything from tote bags to travel mugs.

And if you’re definitely too busy for knitting? You can pick up a sample from my etsy shop. These are one of a kind and typically the original so it might differ slightly from the finished pattern.


Come hang out!

Need to focus on something other than your life for a moment? I’ve created little sanctuaries online where you focus on something other than your inbox.

Once each quarter, vote on your favorite design, and I’ll host a Knit Along (KAL) so you’re actively part of a knitting group – you can follow along with the pattern on your own or ask any questions – I’m there for support! 

In between KALs, I’m active in my facebook community – I offer support, not just for your knitting, but for you to regain control of your life again and focus a bit more on the pleasures of life, like knitting.

If you’re a visual person, join me on Instagram, get to know my amazing feline helpers, and get sneak peeks of upcoming designs.

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