Since it’s nearing that weird time of the year where I feel like it’s too late to start another summer top, but it’s too early to focus on fall and winter knit pieces, I’ve been thinking a lot about home decor.

I know some people go a little overboard and knit everything, like cozies for their apples and eggs (seriously, WHY?!), but I tried to keep my knitting wish list a bit more practical!

As usual, there’s a mixture of free and not so free patterns, the pictures link to the ravelry pattern, and please share your favorite home decor item if I left it off the list!

  1. Table Runner – How gorgeous is this? It’s the perfect table decoration for summer, and I’ve always been a sucker for dandelions.

    Dandelion Table Runner

  2. Flowerpot/Vase/Mason Jar Cozies – Okay, cozies had to make the list, but these can sit out as decoration for a much longer period of time, so I had to add them.

    Flowerpot Decoration

  3. Magnetic Raindrops – Guys, this is so cute, and it has a function! I need to make a bunch of them. And maybe a cloud.

    Magnetic Raindrops

  4. Poufs – There are quite a few of these if you search ravelry. I love the idea of having a footstool or floor cushion handy.

    Knitted Baby Pouf

  5. Clock – Remember when making your own clocks was all the rage on pinterest? (No? Was that just me?) Since I actually have knitting skills, this one might actually get done!

    Timeless Chic

  6. Wall Art (Silhouettes and Bunnies!) – I’ve been thinking about knitting some wall art for quite some time now. I’m a huge fan of both of these collections.

    Some Bunny Loves You

    Madam and Sir Silhouettes

  7. Hot Water Bottle Cover – This seems like one of those useless knit items, unless you regularly use your hot water bottle. Then I’d say it’s pretty essential. And so cute, too!

    Dr. Owl

  8. Pillows (Sheep and Cable edition) – Throw pillows are essential to any properly decorated home (or so I hear) so I had to include these lovelies. The cablework in the first one is just stunning, and if I can combine functional and adorable, like in the Bobble Sheep, I all over it.

    See What Love Can Do

    Bobble Sheep Pillow

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3 thoughts on “10 Knitting Patterns to Expand into Home Decor

  1. Pattymac

    I love the bunny wall decor!!! I just made my first pillow, and I’m stoked about it. I can see making more. It came out so cute and everybody loves him.


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