All right, so last week we talked about distinguishing between knits and purls. Hopefully now you’re a pro at telling them apart!

If you are, or even if you’re still getting used to it, but can at least see a difference, then you’re going to love this!

In a lot of beginner patterns, and even in my mini course, there are a lot of knits and a lot of purls.

If you’re trying to knit, say, 10 rows of knit stitches, there are a few ways to keep track of that. You can keep track in your head, you can mark each row off on a sheet of paper, or you can learn to count your rows so you don’t have to worry about remembering if you marked off Row 8 or not. 😉

Let’s check out the first example. You know how to find knits, but now you can easily count the rows.



You can see I’ve marked off 10 rows by identifying the 10 knit stitches all in a row. Can you ID the knit stitches in other columns?

(And so, for our example above, I’m clearly not on Row 8! :D)

And now for the purl section. While knit stitches are easier for me to count, sometimes it’s easiest to count the purl stitches, especially if I’ve been cabling in the front or if there’s a special border on the outside.


So I’ve outlined 8 rows here by counting the purl stitches. You can see how each purl stitch is formed by a little bump or a half circle. You can also see that it has connected loops from stitch to stitch that link each purl stitch together.

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