Usually people who love fall and winter, or at least love cuddling up in oversized sweaters and blankets and maybe even watching sports, also love to knit.

Me? I’m not a fan of cold weather, and I’d much prefer to spend my time on a beach or in a park – when it’s over 75 degrees out.

Part of the reason I resisted knitting for so long was because I hate scarves. I’m also not a fan of shawls or socks, and while I absolutely drool over a lot of the traditionally knit sweaters out there, I’m never going to wear them because it’s just not my style.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some gorgeous scarves, shawls, socks and traditional sweaters out there, just that they’re not for me.

If you want to start knitting, but don’t like a lot of the more popular items to knit, I’ve got you covered. Here are my 24 favorite patterns that don’t involve a sweaty neck, something you constantly need to hold onto and adjust (I’m looking at you, shawls!), or crazy colorwork.

  1. Who doesn’t need an apron? A lot of people skip aprons when they cook, myself included, because so many are large and stiff and just inconvenient. I love this pattern because it’s small, it has pockets, and you can use it as a dish cloth – something you can never have enough of in the kitchen. And it’s cute, too!


2. If you’re not the home making type, you can pretend to be with this knitted cactus garden.


3. If I had one of the tablet/pad contraptions, I’d definitely make this! It’s perfect for when you need to read and do something else, like knit.


4. Speaking of knitting items to enable your knitting, check out this adorable basket! I think I need at least 5 of these in each room for all of my spare knick-knacks with no place to go.


5-7. Have any children or want to knit for people who do? Knit up some baby blankets with style! You can try infusing some culture early in life with a Piet Mondrian inspired blanket, go a little crazier with an optical illusion, or go classic, complete with an adorable bunny!


8-12. All right, and since we’re on kids, let’s check out some cute stuff that’s maybe not just for kids! We’ve got a hot air balloon mobile, a Totoro doorstop, a mounted triceratops head, a koala curtain holder, and an adorable owl. I won’t tell if you knit some of these up for you!


13-16. Okay, enough knitting for other people. Let’s talk about building your wardrobe, and let’s start with sweaters. You have so many options, from the Wonder Woman inspired, to octopus wrapped, to the cozy, to the beach sweater!


17-19. If dresses are more your thing than sweaters, and at least that’s the case for me, then check out some of these lacy numbers.


20-21. And if you’re wearing your lacy dresses out in the sun, you know you need to wear sunscreen, right? And then get even more protected with a parasol or hat!


22. If none of that rocks your boat, you can always knit up some fancy lingerie!


23. If you got cold just looking at that, knit yourself some tights, girl! You’re going to need them when those Arctic winds start howling in another month or two.


24. Okay, I suppose this wouldn’t be a proper knitting list if it didn’t include something to go around your neck. This fox stole is so cute though!

Faux Fox Stole by Louise Walker

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4 thoughts on “24 Knitting Patterns for People That Hate Scarves

  1. Nicki Young

    I love knitting ANYTHING!! and I fly to Australia every year – 24 hours+ travel time. Plenty of time for knitting!


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