I don’t know how things are going for you, but it’s incredibly busy in my part of the world! On top of everything else, I turned 30!

Everyone seems concerned that I would have a little mini mid-life crisis, but I’m feeling pretty great. Besides, I’m much too busy worrying about moving across the country to worry about my age – I feel just as young as I felt a month ago!

Anyway, to celebrate my birthday, I’m offering 30% off in my ravelry and etsy shops!

Use coupon code 30FOR30 – that code works on all of my patterns AND all of my finished knitwear.

You’ll might notice a few of my newest hat patterns – I’m releasing them all officially later this week (or Monday, depending on how the move goes!), and I’ll be announcing a Knit Along as well.

If you’ve never heard of a Knit Along, here’s how it will work: I’ll have a link up with my new hat patterns. You’ll get to vote on your favorite, and the #1 choice will be what everyone will work on as a group – you can follow along with the pattern, or, if you’re new to knitting, you can follow along with my video instructions. More details in the next few days!!

I hope everyone’s enjoying the week. I hear fall is around the corner, but you’d never know it here in NYC – we’re still in the middle of a heat wave!

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