Catalina Beach Sweater

You love life, you love adventure, and you love meeting new people. You spend your days searching for that hidden flea market with amazing vintage finds, relaxing in front of an ocean, or chatting over tea – and you want to look incredible while maintaining that comfort that lets you explore.

Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur or aspiring boss, a wanderluster roaming the globe, or working on your next degree, you’re in the right place.

I’m Kristin, and I love to design feminine and flattering knitwear for modern women!

I know the challenges of finding clothes that fit your style, your activity level, your budget, and yet still let you shine as you go about your day. I used to hunt in a variety of stores growing up for clothes never quite worked for me.

If I found a dress that was my style, inevitably the fit was off – or it was way too short!

If I discovered what seemed like the perfect cardigan that worked with my wardrobe, I’d quickly find that it didn’t work with my lifestyle – I was constantly tugging and pulling it back into place.

If I snagged a bargain, I would very quickly discover that it wasn’t worth even the sale price in terms of quality.

I needed a radical change because I was so unhappy with how I looked.

I didn’t have much experience with making clothing, so in 2012, I took a beginner sewing class where I learned how to make a zippered pouch. My next project in the comfort of my home involved hacking up a sewing pattern. I liked the original pattern well enough, but it wasn’t for me, and I modified it for my own comfort and style. After hacking a few sewing patterns, I took classes so I could get a perfect fit and drape each time.

But sewing wasn’t enough. I took up knitting a few months later, and I fell in love. My first projects were a cozy and a cat toy – I had to practice! And then a small blanket. And then a sweater.

Knitting has completely changed my life.

I am definitely a process knitter. Feeling the yarn slip through my fingers, listening to the clicking of the needles, watching the repetitive motion as I worked row after row – and seeing my creation come to life before my very eyes, I began to understand why knitters carry their work with them everywhere.

Knitting is an incredible mindful activity, and it helps me focus on being in the moment and really living life.  My favorite stitches involve lots of texture or lace so I can really love the process of knitting just as much as the end result.

Combining my love of classic, historical, and costume pieces, along with my background in fashion design and draping, creates feminine and flattering knitwear patterns that bring out every modern woman’s confidence and power so she can take over her corner of the world.

Knitting is the best end to each day, and I want to revel in that with you.

If you don’t already know how to knit or you’re a beginner, check out the video tab at the top for intro lessons and tips and tricks.

Each quarter, I have Knit-Alongs – you can follow along with my simple and easy to understand videos or you can move at your own pace if you’re more advanced.

You can also join my amazingly supportive community online – and then you’ll also be in the know for any new pattern releases, sales, or calls for test knitters.

You can shoot me an email at if you have another question. 🙂

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