You love life, you love adventure, and you love meeting new people. You’d spend your days searching for that hidden flea market with amazing vintage finds, relaxing in front of an ocean, or chatting over tea – if only you could! You’re busy, you’re stressed out, and your rose colored glasses have started to slip – and you increasingly find yourself becoming antisocial, binging on Netflix, and playing too many hours of Candy Crush.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a social butterfly still trying to show up at all the events, or an overwhelmed freelancer, you’re in the right place.

I’m Kristin, and I’m here to help you knit your cares away!

I know what it’s like to get so involved that when you finally stop and look around, you don’t recognize who are anymore. I completely lost myself a few years – I was trying to advance at a very demanding job in the television industry, while trying to keep up with my amazing (and very busy!) group of friends, and still have some semblance of a home life with my boyfriend.

On top of my regular adventures, my health started to go – instead of heading to yoga or happy hour, all I wanted to do was go home and crash.

I needed a radical change because something wasn’t working.

I knew I needed to regain control of my life and my health, and I’d seen numerous articles touting knitting as a great mental health activity – so I decided to buy some yarn and needles. Each night I’d scour youtube looking for the best videos to practice on.

After a few days of practicing nothing but casting on and an infinite number of knit stitches, I understood why knitting is so great for you – it requires real concentration.

Each night when I came home, I was no longer worried about the details of work – or even if I would like the movie my boyfriend had picked out. I was thinking about which hole which needle went into.

Feeling the yarn slip through my fingers, listening to the clicking of the needles, watching the repetitive motion as I worked row after row – and seeing my creation come to life before my very eyes, I began to understand why knitters carry their work with them everywhere. It’s incredibly meditative, and it helped me learn to focus on my own self-care and to get out of my head and focus on being in the moment.

Knitting has completely changed my life.

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and having to change careers could have been devastating, but as I continue to knit my way through each hurdle life throws at me, I know I can handle it – and not only am I getting through it, I’m able to dance my way through life again, with my rose colored glasses firmly in place, as I greet each day as a new adventure.

Catalina Beach Sweater

Catalina Beach Sweater

Knitting is the best end to each day, and I want to revel in that with you.

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Unwinding and reconnecting with who you’re meant to be doesn’t have to mean zoning out of your life.

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