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Hi, I'm Kristin! 

I started knitting as a mindful activity - a way to combat my stress and anxiety from the world around me.

Now I teach others at We All Knit Here. I produce fun patterns, informative videos, and help others acheive a little bit of peace in a busy world.

With my video courses, I aim to teach you the lessons, as if I were sitting by your side and you were learning to from a friend. 

I go slowly, and I will explain a move multiple times because I want to make sure you understand what we're doing. I want you to have a finished knit object that you absolutely love.

This course was originally a 7 day Knit Along so the videos are divided up into 7 sections. Of course, you can go as quickly or as slowly as you need to go.

Need extra help? I'm usually hanging around the facebook group, and I'm happy to answer any questions you have there.



You'll need one skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.

It's super bulky, and can be found on amazon or most hobby stores.


The main portion of the hat is knit on US size 15 (10.0mm) double pointed needles. The ribbing is knit on US size 13 (9.0mm) double pointed needles.

Make sure your DPNs are at least 8" long or longer. If you have circulars in those sizes, you can use those instead of DPNs.

Other Supplies

Tapestry Needle
Large Dinner Plate



The videos were great and helped me alot. ONCE I was able to find the right tools for me, this project was super easy! I'm ready for the next KAL!!
Arosa Slouchy Hat Course


Kristin has created an amazing community for those who want to learn as a hobby, for fun, or as a form of therapy. She has videos  with very simple (and S-L-O-W) directions for newbies. It's almost like learning to knit from an old, dear friend. I highly recommend her. She's super easy to understand and helpful if you are having problems with any knitting project.
Arosa Slouchy Hat Course

More Praise

Kristin led an amazing knit along and walked me through my first knitted-in-the-round project, my first knit along, and my first time to use double pointed needles! She was quick to answer any questions posted and also posted very helpful videos.  

Terri, Arosa Slouchy Hat Course

I totally would recommend you and your KAL stuffs! I am truly a beginner. I had to learn the difference between a K and a P for this project!! I really only began knitting this summer with the seed stitch...I think. This is a great learning experience for someone like me who is a life long learner. (I did end up taking out the ribbing and beginning again...MUCH better!) I have loved your encouragement and really pretty quick responses to my questions. (which have been many!)

Sarah, Arosa Slouchy Hat Course

I finished, and I have to tell you. I almost had an epiphany  doing this. I used needles instead of my loom, and I actually felt like I was really knitting instead of fighting needles all the time so I got it done. It was very easy to understand.

Linda, Knitty Gritty Course

Want to Know More?

"Would you like to learn how to knit with someone who is like an old, dear friend? Kristin is a huge asset to have as she has very clear videos for newbies. I really wish that I had this great online source when I was first learning to knit.

It does not matter if you are looking to learn to knit or even already know how, Kristin has created an amazing community on facebook as a closed group for those who want to learn as a hobby, for fun, or as a form of therapy. She has pulled a bunch of us “Lone Knitters” together with this community. I say “Lone Knitters” because there are those of us that are not always able to connect with a LYS (Local Yarn Shop) during their hours due to work, kids, or busyness. I absolutely adore this little community she has put together."

Read more at Blue Eyed Crafty

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Still confused about something? Either drop me an email or give me a shout in the facebook group. 

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