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I used to run a sewing blog.

I technically still do, but it hasn’t been updated in a really long time because knitting has taken over my life!
Melanie from Baad Mom yarns was kind enough to feature me on her Maker series, and we chatted all about how I started knitting, how my process works (aka trial by error), and why I love knitting more than sewing. Click through to watch the interview or click here to check out her incredible yarn selection.

I’ve been knitting like crazy the last 2 months, and especially if you include a recent colorwork project, I have a TON of leftover scraps of yarn.

They’re usually long enough that I feel guilty throwing them away so I scoured the internet to figure out what I could do with them. Here are some of my favorite projects, click for more info!

1. Wrapping Gifts, from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts by  Joelle Hoverson.

2. Grab an embroidery hoop and wrap some spare yarn around it! You can hang glasses, jewelry, or anything else that’s fairly lightweight!

3. Use your scrap yarn and some pipe cleaners to spell out words. Click here for a tutorial.

4. If you want to continue to show off your scrap yarn, consider making mini skein earrings! Aren’t they adorable? Click here for a video tutorial.

5. Make a card! It doesn’t have to be for Valentine’s Day, but using heavyweight paper and a needle can yield some really cute results. Click here for the tutorial.

Note: A popular idea is putting scrap yarn out for birds to gather. If you do this, please make sure the yarn is between 4-8″ in length!

In February, there’s still a bit of chill to the winter air, but spirits are improving and there’s hope of the weather warming. The Spring Forward dress will carry you through to the next season. Knit in the round from the bottom up, the bottom half of the dress is fitted and ribbed for an ultra flattering look. At the waist, the draping effect begins with an expanded batwing sleeve and lace reminiscent of hearts.

I talked a bit about the dress (and that it made the cover!) on the latest episode of Monthly Chatter, which you can hear at 14:30.

Click here to go to the Ravelry page or click here to go to I Like Knitting’s site.

The French Lavender Cardigan is very simple and chic to toss on with a simple outfit, whether you’re out running errands or out with friends for brunch. The cardigan knits up quickly and is super comfy with bulky yarn, and yet it creates a dramatic silhouette for your everyday life. Knit flat from the bottom up with a vertical herringbone stitch, the cardigan flares out from the waist for a fun peplum and expands from the waist up for a batwing effect for the sleeves.

Skill Level: Easy

Want to hear more about the inspiration for this? Check out Monthly Chatter here at 18:45.

You can find the French Lavender Cardigan in the February 2018 issue of I Like Knitting. Click here for the Ravelry page.

Happy New Year!


December was a crazy month for me! In episode 5, I manage to stay mostly on the topic of knitting – I have 2 new designs out (and of which made the cover, woot!), I obsess over my new (unreleased) hat, and I talk a bit about the evolution of my knitting over the past year and my plans for 2018.


And of course we start the knit along next week!


I would love to hear any of your thoughts or reactions, and definitely let me know if you obsess over/struggle with perfection in your knitting as much as I do.

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The Winter Whimsy Cropped Sweater knitting pattern came about as an afterthought. I have been working on a super bulky winter skirt for awhile now, and I decided to add the top as an afterthought. I had no idea I would love it so much!

I haven’t totally given up on the skirt, but it’s definitely been delayed.

Want to hear me chatting about this? Check out last month’s Monthly Chatter at 15:36 where I show off the top and the skirt that’s currently in time out.

But the top is adorable, right?!

The Winter Whimsy Cropped Sweater has 6″ of positive ease, has the seed stitch at the hem and collar, and features puffed bishop sleeves. It’s knit in super bulky yarn in mostly stockinette stitch in the round so it’s knits up really quickly!

Click here to favorite it or add it your Ravelry queue.

Sometimes it’s boring to knit alone. Join me for a KAL!

This was such a tough race that I’ve decided to have two winners!

The Berkeley Slouchy Hat KAL will start on January 8th, and the Locksley Sweater KAL will start on January 15th.

Sign up here for the weekly KAL emails and/or join in the facebook group.


Click here for the Locksley Sweater pattern and supply list.


Week 1 (Jan 15) – Cast on and knit to waist.
Week 2 (Jan 22) – Knit through the bust to the separation.
Week 3 (Jan 29) – Knit the back.
Week 4 (Feb 5) – Knit the front
Week 5 (Feb 12) – Sleeves!
Week 6 (Feb 19) – More sleeves/collar
Week 7 (Feb 26) – Blocking and seaming
Week 8 (Mar 5) – Celebrate and show off!

Let me know if you have any questions!

PS – If you’re still looking for that last minute gift for you or another knitter, check out my favorite knitting mugs!

The Locksley Sweater knitting pattern has been in my WIP pile for over a year and a half. I knew exactly what yarn to use for it, but I couldn’t quite get the construction technique down; this was back when I tried to make everything as complicated as possible.

Now I know that simple is better!

And so we have a fairly simple version of the Locksley Sweater. It’s knit from the bottom up with a lace panel that expands towards the chest.

But let’s get straight to the inspiration for this, shall we?

Yes, it’s the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time.

I go into the entire story starting at 11:53 in November’s Monthly Chatter, and I would love for you to check it out if you’re interested. But basically, I adore the Evil Queen’s wardrobe, and it’s not exactly practical… So I took the feel of it and turned it into something that I want to wear every day!

If you’re interested, you can favorite or queue it up on Ravelry!

Welcome to November’s Monthly Chatter! I’m so sorry for the delay, but I want a few finished objects to show you… and then I had a few technical difficulties. But it’s here!

In November’s Monthly Chatter:

I chat a lot about the holidays – I was really emotional over Thanksgiving, and now I’m really excited for December and Christmas. (And did I mention I learned to knit over the holidays a few years ago?)

You know I have more to say on the sweater curse!!

Also check out my 2 new pattern releases, and let me know what you think of the 3rd. Unless there’s interest, I’m not releasing it.

And finally, I’m chatting about my newest projects. One is as a style guide, and the other is more about the business of fashion and design. Links to everything I talk about are below the video.

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Summer Sweetheart Sweater:

Strawberry Wine Top:

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