The Locksley Sweater knitting pattern has been in my WIP pile for over a year and a half. I knew exactly what yarn to use for it, but I couldn’t quite get the construction technique down; this was back when I tried to make everything as complicated as possible.

Now I know that simple is better!

And so we have a fairly simple version of the Locksley Sweater. It’s knit from the bottom up with a lace panel that expands towards the chest.

But let’s get straight to the inspiration for this, shall we?

Yes, it’s the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time.

I go into the entire story starting at 16:10 in November’s Monthly Chatter, and I would love for you to check it out if you’re interested. But basically, I adore the Evil Queen’s wardrobe, and it’s not exactly practical… So I took the feel of it and turned it into something that I want to wear every day!

If you’re interested, you can favorite or queue it up on Ravelry!

Welcome to November’s Monthly Chatter! I’m so sorry for the delay, but I want a few finished objects to show you… and then I had a few technical difficulties. But it’s here!

In November’s Monthly Chatter:

I chat a lot about the holidays – I was really emotional over Thanksgiving, and now I’m really excited for December and Christmas. (And did I mention I learned to knit over the holidays a few years ago?)

You know I have more to say on the sweater curse!!

Also check out my 2 new pattern releases, and let me know what you think of the 3rd. Unless there’s interest, I’m not releasing it.

And finally, I’m chatting about my newest projects. One is as a style guide, and the other is more about the business of fashion and design. Links to everything I talk about are below the video.

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Etsy shop:

Summer Sweetheart Sweater:

Strawberry Wine Top:

Pattern Round-Up:

Knitting and Holiday Nostalgia:

Kristin Magdalene:

Sweater Curse:

Locksley Pattern:

Winter Whimsy Cropped Sweater:

FAB Entrepreneurs:

The last two months I have been working on a new website/project that was completely inspired by the most common reactions I get to my knitwear and sewing designs over the last 5 years, and I am so excited to finally share it with you guys!

When I come up with my patterns and style my outfits, usually I aim to project a certain image; overall I want to convey power because we all are inherently powerful, no matter how we choose to express that.

With this as my underlying desire, I think you can understand my frustration when the reaction is usually along the lines of, “I can’t wear that because it won’t look good on me.”

Sure, sometimes that’s true – we all need to stay true to our own unique style and love what we’re wearing. I get it. But a lot of times it’s a mindset issue, and loving ourselves and our bodies is something that nearly everyone I know struggles with – and you should 100% be able to wear whatever you want and feeling AMAZING!

(If you’re reading this, and you’re so happy with your body – I love it! Keep on rocking yourself, and I’ll be back next week to chat knitting on Monthly Chatter!!)

My latest project is – a site where I bring out the person you’ve always wanted to be through confidence and your own unique style. Check out my video where I delve into my background of body image and confidence; this is something I struggled with greatly growing up, and I am so ready to share everything!

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The holiday season is a bit surreal for me each year. It’s as if I’m entering into an environment where time slows down because nothing make sense. There’s a lot of rushing, a lot of anger, a lot of worry, and it’s all set against this backdrop of bright lights, warm colors, and smiling families. It’s always so cold, and my cheeks burn from the wind, but I’m usually carrying hot chocolate or a mocha, and somehow I keep warm and keep going.


Five years ago, I was living in NYC with my boyfriend. Our apartment was decorated for every occasion, we cooked so much delicious food, and we watched all of our favorite holiday movies. Our apartment was a refuge from the crowds that overwhelm NYC at the end of the year. Thanksgiving five years ago was also when I taught myself to knit.


My very first knitting project, the Easy Ripple Blanket, obviously modified for a cat!


Holidays are for spending time with loved ones, but I think the interesting thing about that idea is that you only have one meal, maybe a day or two, to spend with them. Five years ago, my family was 1,100 miles away, and I usually picked either Thanksgiving or Christmas to see them. Now I’m at home, and I’m excited to spend time with my family, but still, the holiday season lasts a month a half, when really it’s just a meal. One. (Or two actually, one with each of my parents.)


This year my apartment is quiet. I’m snuggled under cozy blankets and excited to see everyone, and I can’t help but think back to each Thanksgiving because it’s so linked to knitting for me. When I would fly home to visit my family, I always had a project with me for the plane. After the meal, I sat to knit. In the car ride between family members’ houses, I would knit. One year I dragged my sister and her friends to a local yarn shop where they took lessons.


The first skein of yarn I intentionally purchased! I practiced all my new skills on cozies.


I like that time slows down towards the end of the year. I love the bright lights, I love the warm moments with friends and family, I love the food!, but most of all, I love that I always have my knitting. My projects always come together this time of year, and when I sometimes feel the stress and frustration, whether due to travel delays or frustration about finding perfect something for someone, my knitting is the perfect thing to pull out.


How do you keep your zen during the holidays?


PS – For Thanksgiving, all of my knitting patterns and samples are 25% off. You don’t need a code, just add the pattern or sample to your cart and the discount automatically applies. The sale goes through the 28th of November!

It’s been a few months since I posted about new patterns. I have been slacking on the blog and really only talking about patterns via Instagram and the Monthly Chatter videos.

Some of the patterns were previously published in I Like Knitting and Cast On magazine, so if you have a subscription there, they are all still free for you! But if you like to purchase your patterns individually and from my Ravelry shop, you’re in luck.

I’m going to talk a bit more about these in November’s Monthly Chatter video, but for now, check out some of the newest additions to Ravelry:


Chevron Sweater

The Chevron Sweater was featured in Cast On’s Fall 2016 issue. Now available for individual purchase, I updated the pattern to be knit in the round, I added an extra size so it goes up to 2X, and one of my favorite details is the ribbing around the neck and shoulder. It’s knit with worsted weight yarn so it goes fairly quickly!


Summer Sweetheart Sweater

The Summer Sweetheart Sweater was featured this past summer in I Like Knitting. It’s a fitted sweater that’s knit in the round with a lace yoke, and the clever wordplay in the title of course refers to the illusion sweetheart neckline. Double check the gauge on this one to ensure the best fit – I’ll have more on that fun reminder in this month’s video!


Strawberry Wine Top

The Strawberry Wine Top is a little out of season, but in case you want a start on next summer or you live down under, I thought I’d include it! It’s knit with bulky cotton yarn with a textured oyster stitch. My favorite detail though are the sleeves!


Golden Classic Skirt

The Golden Classic Skirt is one of my faves. I love the shape of it, but also the pleats have crossed stitches inside, which is so much fun. This skirt was knit for spring, but because it is knit, it would easily work with tights during the winter!


Cozy Vintage Wiggle Dress

The Cozy Vintage Wiggle Dress is still one of my favorites. Inspired by Mad Men’s Joan, go ahead and show off all of your curves this holiday season! It knits up quickly in a super bulky yarn and will definitely keep you warm as you run around to your holiday parties!

Herringbone Hobo Purse

If you participated in the fall KAL, you already know about this one! But since I never officially announced it, I am doing so now. This is another one of my winter knits featuring super bulky yarn and the herringbone stitch. It’s so sturdy and structured, and I love carrying it when it’s cold outside!


Berkeley Slouchy Hat

The Berkeley Slouchy Hat was something I created for a friend, and I just adore oversized cables on a slouchy hat!

October’s podcast features knitting and yarn, plus a bonus tangent on the sweater curse and how we settle for less without realizing it. Plus paper dresses!

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Herringbone Hobo Purse:

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Halloween Knit Patterns:

Knit Gifts for New Mom and Baby:

Berkeley Slouchy Hat pattern:

Cozy Vintage Dress pattern:

Chevron Sweater pattern:

Chevron Sweater from Nat12:

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While I’ve been working on a few designs for my Ravelry shop and leading the fall KAL, the month of October on my end has largely been working and knitting baby things!

A friend of mine had a baby in August so the gifts are a touch late, but as the gifts are mostly hand knit and for the colder weather, I figure they’ll be arriving just in time. 🙂

If you watched my September Monthly Chatter video, you’ll know I was very much opposed to buying blue for a baby boy – it’s so basic. 😉 Perhaps because my mantra going into the store was “not blue, not blue, not blue,” I naturally gravitated towards the blue, and I still adore the color. So much for trying to be different!

I knit the Garter Stitch Baby Kimono, the Garter Ear Flap Hat, and a little jellyfish for baby Sam.  I didn’t want his mom to feel left out so I sent along a ton of herbal tea, a few eucalyptus shower tablets (as it seemed easier than her finding time to go to the spa or even take a bath!), and a slouchy hat for this fall and winter.


Yes, that’s a new pattern! I named it the Berkeley Slouchy Hat, after Naomi’s hometown. Naomi loves to knit and sew if you want to check out her blog, One Avian Daemon. 🙂

What are your go-to patterns and gifts for newborns and their moms?

We’re nearly at the 2 week mark in October, and my inner child is throwing a tantrum because she wants to run around in bulky sweaters with fancy coffee (okay, maybe she’s a teenager!), but instead it’s 80 degrees and incredibly humid so she’s a bit unhappy.


Image result for gif tantrum


Since I feel like the usual seasonal knitting is out because of the heat, I decided to round up some of my favorite knitting patterns that you don’t have to wear!  Click on the picture to go to the Ravelry page, and let me know in the comments if I left out one of your favorites – or if you’re one of the lucky ones in cooler weather!

I am so excited to introduce my latest pattern to you, the Herringbone Hobo Purse! Scroll through the photos above and check it out – I’m a huge fan of the shape, and I’m happy to finally use the herringbone stitch, as it’s been on my list for nearly a year now just waiting for the perfect project.

Of course, you’re already a bit familiar with the Herringbone Hobo Purse, as an earlier version was one of the options for the Fall Knit Along. This was by far the most popular option, and I’m so excited it won!

I made a video all about it, all about the supplies, all about the timeline. (Or keep scrolling for text!)

If you voted, you’re already signed up – check your email for 25% off.
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Herringbone Hobo Purse Pattern
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Thick and Quick, 2 skeins
Needles: US 19 (16mm) 24″ circular or longer
Notions: tapestry needle, 24”/61 cm purse strap, heavy weight thread, sewing needle, 2 closure snaps
Optional: fabric lining (use dimensions from schematic, plus 2” / 5 cm)

We start October 2nd, tentatively scheduled for 4 weeks (but comment below if you’d prefer 5 weeks)