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And, of course, the question inevitably comes up of the best yarn substitutes, and, with that, gauge swatching. I did a quick poll on social media and in my facebook group, and I found that pretty much everyone hated it.

And I do get it. I hate swatching for a lot of projects.

But sometimes it’s necessary. And sometimes it can even be fun!

Okay, I’m not going to try to sell you on the fun part, but check out my video below. I cover:

Why You Should Swatch (03:20)
When You Can Skip Swatching (Maybe) (06:25)
The Official Way to Swatch (09:26)
Things to Consider When Substituting Yarn (12:10)
How to Measure Officially and Unofficially (16:11)
Multiplying Out (aka a shortcut) (21:31)
How to Adjust When Your Gauge Doesn’t Match (22:30)
Future Swatching! (23:49)

Want to check out the handy dandy stitch gauge tool? It’s here on amazon.

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