The Locksley Sweater knitting pattern has been in my WIP pile for over a year and a half. I knew exactly what yarn to use for it, but I couldn’t quite get the construction technique down; this was back when I tried to make everything as complicated as possible.

Now I know that simple is better!

And so we have a fairly simple version of the Locksley Sweater. It’s knit from the bottom up with a lace panel that expands towards the chest.

But let’s get straight to the inspiration for this, shall we?

Yes, it’s the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time.

I go into the entire story starting at 11:53 in November’s Monthly Chatter, and I would love for you to check it out if you’re interested. But basically, I adore the Evil Queen’s wardrobe, and it’s not exactly practical… So I took the feel of it and turned it into something that I want to wear every day!

If you’re interested, you can favorite or queue it up on Ravelry!

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