What makes someone want to knit?

Many of my friends are not yet knitters. I hold out hope for most of them. 😉

Many non-knitters are intrigued by those of us who tend to carry yarn and needles around and knit in places like the subway and various waiting rooms. They’re intrigued, but not ready to commit, and I completely understand.

I wanted to create a little 3-5 minute documentary that explained how amazing knitting can be: It’s great for your mind, it’s great for your closet, and it really does help you reclaim a little bit of peace in this busy world we live in.

Of course, when I started interviewing people, I decided that I had to run each interview in its entirety because everyone I spoke with was so incredibly passionate and full of life.

Don’t worry, I still planning on doing the short – but I’m still in the middle of filming so give me a few more weeks. 🙂

Check out my intro video to find out more about me and the series. Next week, I’ll start with the first episode – and I know you’ll love it.

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