I’ve been working on a few hats to be ready for when the weather turns, and I’m so excited to share them with you today.

Each one has something unique to it, whether it’s lacework, brambles, cabling, or simple knits and purls.

Arosa Slouchy Lace Hat

The Arosa Slouchy Lace Hat was inspired by the flames and the smoke you’re bewitched by when you’re sitting around a bonfire in the fall. I wanted to capture that sweeping feeling in a hat. It has a slight slouch to it.


Wild Bramble Hat

The Wild Bramble Hat is such a fun, textured hat. It features vertical stripes, converging at the crown. In between the stripes are brambles, stars, little bumps that are quick and easy to make.


Adirondack Basket Hat

The Adirondack Basket Hat is a series of interweaving cable stitches, separated by stripes. It’s more fitted and because of the thickness of the cables, it seems much warmer.



The Chutes and Ladders Hat is super fun. I was playing around with various striping patterns when I settled on this one – and it looks like little ladders! The ladders and stripes converge at the top and a giant pompom is in the center. (I think you should make it even bigger!)

1 skein of Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn
DPNs, size varies between US size 11-15 depending on hat
Stitch marker(s)
Tapestry Needle

EVEN MORE FUN is this: I’m going to do a Knit Along for one of the hats!

Grab all the details here.

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7 thoughts on “Introducing my Fall Hat Collection and a Knit Along!

  1. Terri

    Which one would be easiest for someone who’s never done a project with DPNs? I’m thinking the last one looks the easiest. I love the third one, but I’m not sure about tackling cables (which I have done) along with DPNs.


    1. kmjones3 Post author

      If you’re new to DPNs, I would try something simpler, like the Arosa or the Chutes and Ladders hat. Cables can be done on DPNs, but it’s just another thing to juggle!


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