I’m Kristin, and I’m here to help you knit your cares away.

Are you tired of being stressed out every night? Are you tired of worrying about what tomorrow will bring? Are you trying to meditate each day (like you know you should), but finding it really difficult to sit still without intrusive thoughts (or partners or children)?

Are you ready to take action to regain some peace, learn a new skill, and add to your closet?

Designed for ladies who love their lives but just need a little break, my knitting lessons are delivered in (mostly) short videos so that you can see clearly the steps that need to be taken, and knit as much or as little each day as you’d like.



Each quarter, you’ll be emailed a few options, and you’ll be able to vote for your favorite design. The winning design will be chosen as part of a Knit Along. You’ll have a few weeks to sign up, purchase supplies, and then we’ll begin!

Each morning/week, I’ll email the section of the pattern we’re completing that day – if you’re an advanced knitter, you can follow along with the pattern; if you’re a newbie, you can follow along with the video. You can follow along with everyone’s progress in the facebook group, which is also where you can ask questions and get any support you need.

The fall KAL information will have voting at the beginning of August, with a start date in September. Click the button below to sign up and be the first to know when we get started!

(Want to read someone’s account of the KAL? Click here!)

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Past Knit Alongs:


If you’re not sure if knitting is for you just yet, check out my free Knitting 101 mini course – check it out to learn how to shop for needles and yarn, the easiest way to cast on, and the 2 most important stitches in knitting. If you like it, then you can move onto more advanced videos and techniques. (I love teaching newbies on cozies – the projects are small/quick, but you still have a challenge to learn!)


Do I have to follow along with your the entire time? Not at all. If you want to follow along with the videos or schedule the entire time, you’re more than welcome to – but it’s designed to set up each section for you to work on independently.

What if I run into a problem that you don’t cover? If you get stuck in a section, and there isn’t a troubleshooting section for you, give me a shout in the facebook group and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with an answer. Just a fair warning: sometimes the answer is that you’ll have to unravel and start over. (Don’t worry too much – that can improve your skill and teach you to watch out for mistakes before they occur.)

How often are you in the facebook group? I’m in the facebook group all the time! I answer posts within 24 hours, but I try to get in there as soon as possible. 🙂

I’m worried I’m too new for the KAL? / What if I’m too advanced? Some are more advanced than others, and I explain what you’re learning and what I’ll be going over in each lesson so you can decide if the KAL is right for you.


Do you offer kits to go with the KAL? Not at this time, but I will in the future.

What if I buy a pattern for the KAL and suddenly don’t have time to complete it? When you purchase a pattern, you’ll have lifetime access to it so even if you suddenly become busy for the next few days or weeks, you’ll be able to access it anytime in the future.

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