Are you a total beginner? Start here.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s look at a few more things for you to practice and learn.

If you’re super new and working on your first project, you’ll probably need to know the Knit to Purl Transition. Tensioning yarn is key to make your stitches nice and even. Lifelines are great and help you save your spot in case you mess up. At some point, you’ll finish and need to learn Bind Off.

Are you looking looking to knit a garment or maybe just wondering what the heck a gauge swatch is? Check out this. If you’re even newer than that and aren’t sure what size to go with (hint: you’ll need to knit a gauge swatch, too), check out my video on sizing. And when you are going for the bigger projects, here’s a more precise way to get the perfect amount of stitches on your needle the first time! Don’t want to spring for the expensive recommend yarn? Get some guidelines to make sure your new project will still fit.

At some point you’re going to drop a stitch, here’s an easy way to fix it – and a video for fixing dropped stitches on the edge of your work.

Ready for more advanced work with slipped stitches? Check out my video here for tips and tricks. If you’ve been eyeing a project in the round but are scared of double pointed needles, find out to work through that here.

Are you ready to upgrade to hanks of yarn? Find out how to wind and store yarn here.

Stitch Videos:
Slipped Honeycomb Stitch

Technique Video:
Mattress Stitch

Is there something else you’d like to see? Feel free to get in touch with me – this page is usually updated with videos from my Knit Alongs.

(Of course I have a blooper reel – it’s hard talking to no one!)