The holiday season is a bit surreal for me each year. It’s as if I’m entering into an environment where time slows down because nothing make sense. There’s a lot of rushing, a lot of anger, a lot of worry, and it’s all set against this backdrop of bright lights, warm colors, and smiling families. It’s always so cold, and my cheeks burn from the wind, but I’m usually carrying hot chocolate or a mocha, and somehow I keep warm and keep going.


Five years ago, I was living in NYC with my boyfriend. Our apartment was decorated for every occasion, we cooked so much delicious food, and we watched all of our favorite holiday movies. Our apartment was a refuge from the crowds that overwhelm NYC at the end of the year. Thanksgiving five years ago was also when I taught myself to knit.


My very first knitting project, the Easy Ripple Blanket, obviously modified for a cat!


Holidays are for spending time with loved ones, but I think the interesting thing about that idea is that you only have one meal, maybe a day or two, to spend with them. Five years ago, my family was 1,100 miles away, and I usually picked either Thanksgiving or Christmas to see them. Now I’m at home, and I’m excited to spend time with my family, but still, the holiday season lasts a month a half, when really it’s just a meal. One. (Or two actually, one with each of my parents.)


This year my apartment is quiet. I’m snuggled under cozy blankets and excited to see everyone, and I can’t help but think back to each Thanksgiving because it’s so linked to knitting for me. When I would fly home to visit my family, I always had a project with me for the plane. After the meal, I sat to knit. In the car ride between family members’ houses, I would knit. One year I dragged my sister and her friends to a local yarn shop where they took lessons.


The first skein of yarn I intentionally purchased! I practiced all my new skills on cozies.


I like that time slows down towards the end of the year. I love the bright lights, I love the warm moments with friends and family, I love the food!, but most of all, I love that I always have my knitting. My projects always come together this time of year, and when I sometimes feel the stress and frustration, whether due to travel delays or frustration about finding perfect something for someone, my knitting is the perfect thing to pull out.


How do you keep your zen during the holidays?


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