I love knitting, and I’m a huge proponent of always carrying your knitting with you, and especially of knitting in public.

But one of the things that really discouraged me from carrying my knitting with me when I first started was the lack of a knitting kit or go bag. There was nothing worse than pulling out my project and notes only to discover that I forgot scissors or a pen or even one of my markers!

I’ve gotten a lot better about making sure I have everything I need, but even today, I tend to just throw all my supplies in a bag and hope for the best!

That said, I’m always looking to be a bit more organized, and so I’ve been eyeing different knitting kits. I think I’ve narrowed it down to these!

Do you have a travel kit for your knitting? What do you always make sure to carry with your knitting?

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One thought on “Knitting Travel Kits

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