It’s December!!

If you’re special, you’ve done all your holiday shopping and you’re finally able to relax with some hot chocolate while you admire your Christmas tree – or whatever decorations you put up.

That surely exists somewhere in the world, right?

My December usually resembles something out of the amazing Christmas movie, Jingle All the Way.

jingle all the way 2

This movie is somehow even more amazing now that I’m an adult.


Anyway, the point is, I’m here to help! If you’ve already got your gifts all ready to go, then this post probably isn’t for you (unless you’re planning for next year – go you!).

But if you’re looking for some quick and easy pattern suggestions for handmade knits, I’ve got you covered! I tried to stick to small projects and bulky yarn since it knits up faster. Some are free, some are not. Some are my patterns, some are not.

AND if you do go with my patterns, use the coupon code GETONIT for 50% off this week, ending December 10, 2015.

  1. Bow Tie. These work for everyone since who doesn’t like wearing bow ties? If I wear one, it’s in my hair.

2. Cozies. No one wants to put their fingers at risk when holding a cup of hot tea or coffee. I love stuffing a mug with treats and then wrapping a hand-knit cozy around it for gifts. Plus, some of these have pockets so you can throw in a tea bag or gift card. Perfect!

3. Slippers. There’s nothing worse than having cold toes – your loved ones will thank you profusely on chilly nights!

4. Hats. Similarly, the best way to trap your body heat when you’re out in the cold is with a hat. These are bulky knits so you can finish them in no time.

5. Headband. If you’re knitting for people like to exercise or, I don’t know, don’t want to take out their ponytail, go for a headband instead.

6. Giant Cowl. If you use super bulky yarn and giant needles, this cowl will knit up in no time – and don’t they look so luxurious?

7. Fingerless Mitts. Don’t trouble yourself with knitting each finger with delicate yarn. Go bold and fingerless.

8. Boot Cuffs. I’m not sure how these are better than socks. Maybe they keep the cold air out in the space between your boots and your calves? I don’t know, but people love them. They make great stocking stuffers!

9. Ornaments. Maybe you don’t have time to knit your loved ones a proper sweater, but these little ornaments are so darling, they won’t even mind.

Any other last minute hand-knit gifts you’re working on?


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