I just wanted to let you know that I’m featured over on the Solopreneur Business Network podcast. I’m talking knitting, creativity, and starting my own business. I was also asked my favorite quote, and I really butchered the Ira Glass quote above, but I wanted to include it for you here. I’m pretty the quote was not originally intended for knitters, but it applies to knitting and, really, to anything you do.

In other news, last Friday I was challenged to make a pattern day for this week. I did take yesterday off, but I still have 3 patterns ready to go, which is pretty amazing. Check them out: Bow Tie, Striped Tie, and a Totoro Hat and Scarf.

(Also, if you’re in my Knitting 101 full course – expect a video up soon about how to read patterns, though hopefully these shouldn’t be too difficult!)

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