I think everyone can agree that handmade gifts are amazing, and most knitters try to get in as much knitting as they can for as many people as they can.

I know some knitters go big and try to make matching hats and scarves or socks – or even stockings!

I love my friends and family, but I don’t have time for that. I’m all about the small stocking stuffer knit gifts. And I’ve always lamented the fact that cozies seem so, well, small.

In theory, they’re perfect. Everyone drinks either coffee or tea and no one likes burned fingers so, in theory, everyone should carry cozies on them at all times, right? But for some reason, we don’t. So I always feel weird giving them out to people unless they come with other things.

So this year, I decided to fix that situation. I designed some super fun cozies (coming up in a minute), but with one change: they all have pockets. Yes, POCKETS!

They hold gift cards, business cards, tea bags, whatever small item you want to stuff in there. I’m so excited about them, and even if you don’t want to add on the pocket, I think the designs are just really fun in general.

So I came up with 5 different ideas:

  1. Lattice Lacy Coffee Cozy Lattice Lacy Gift Coffee Cozy


2. Crazy Octopus Coffee CozyCrazy Octopus Gift Coffee Cozy

3. Honeycomb Coffee CozyHoneycomb Gift Coffee Cozy


4. Silent Night Coffee Cozy Silent Night Gift Coffee Cozy


5. Slipped Chevron Coffee CozySlipped Chevron Gift Coffee Cozy


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