Our last few Knit Alongs have been mostly garments. I know a lot of people are short on time at the holidays so I wanted to have a shorter KAL and have it focus more on learning newer techniques that you might not know.

With that in mind, I’m focusing on cozies. They’re perfect for quick knit gifts, and because they’re so fast you can give them to nearly everyone, whether it’s a teacher or a friend. My favorite gift is a mug wrapped in a cozy with some hot chocolate and candy canes inside. If you want to include a gift card, there’s even a little pocket! They’re also really great for stashbusting so you don’t have to go out and buy yarn unless you want to.

Vote on your favorite cozy and the techniques you definitely want to learn by clicking here.

In my Ravelry store, all cozies are 50% until the 8th of December, including Cozy Gifts, if you’re interested in buying a bundle. Just add one or more to your cart for the discount to automatically apply.

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