Sort of from the archives (have I been making videos this long??), here’s a video for beginners that goes a bit beyond Yarn 101.

In the video, I discuss a few things:

-Different ways yarn is stored
-How to start a new ball using yarn from the inside and the outside
-When you need to wind your yarn
-How to wind your yarn (so that it pulls from the inside!) when you don’t have a ball winder


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One thought on “Storing and Winding Yarn

  1. Aradia

    Heh! I didn’t even know about the winding & the affect on tension! Learn something new everyday!

    Personally I love my center pulls, so I often will utilize my ball winder. It also makes it super easy to stack the remnants too I find. While I used to wrap everything in balls by hand I learned the hard way how multiple colors worked at once, but all separately in balls, can turn into a massive tangle! Never again!

    I finally broke down & bought a ball winder when I got a large influx of yarn because it was just easier to store the leftovers that way versus having a messy pile (I also just tend to like things neat and this accomplished it quite nicely!)


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